Runner Asks

  • Basic Questions:
  • One: favorite race
  • Two: favorite shoe brand
  • Three: Nike or Under Armor?
  • Four: favorite gatorade flavor
  • Five: favorite food ever
  • Six: mile time
  • Seven: school mascot
  • Eight: longest you've ever run
  • Nine: favorite running song
  • Ten: runner you idolize
  • Interesting Questions:
  • Eleven: If female - would you rather be Alexi Pappas or Jordan Hasay? if male - Evan Jager or Nick Symmonds?
  • Twelve: describe your favorite running socks
  • Thirteen: post a picture of your spikes (if you have them)
  • Fourteen: Do you have any hills worth worth talking about?
  • Fifteen: shorts or spandex?
  • Sixteen: tell about a run where you got overheated
  • Seventeen: best race ever :)
  • Eighteen: worst race ever :(
  • Nineteen: favorite form of carbs?
  • Twenty: favorite fruit
  • Twenty-one: favorite junk food
  • Twenty-two: pre-race meal
  • Twenty-three: do you wear a watch?
  • Twenty-four: ideal running outfit
  • Twenty-five: Have you seen Without Limits? (Pre movie)
  • Twenty-six: hardest workout ever (or top three)
  • Twenty-seven: Would you rather do 400 or 1000 repeats?
  • Twenty-eight: leggings or sweatpants
  • Twenty-nine: Do you ice bath?
  • Thirty: describe your favorite running trail
  • Thirty-one: funny experience at track or xc meet
  • Thirty-two: tell about how one of your races where you PR'd
  • Thirty-three: How long do you have to wait after eating before you run?
  • Thirty-four: Do you ever do homework on the way to meets? (if in hs)
  • Thirty-five: tell about your track or xc coach. or both.
  • Thirty-six: ever won a race?
  • Thirty-seven: ever gotten last in a race?
  • Thirty-eight: Have you ever run with a dog?
  • Thirty-nine: favorite running quote
  • Forty: tell about an interesting person on your team
  • Forty-one: favorite ab exercise
  • Forty-two: pre-race traditions?
  • Forty-three: Have you ever run at night? If so, how was it?
  • Forty-four: Food that you eat a lot of a track or xc meets
  • Forty-five: pancakes or waffles?
  • Forty-six: spaghetti or pizza?
  • Forty-seven: Do you ever lift weights?
  • Forty-eight: What is your ideal running weather?
  • Forty-nine: ever run in the snow?
  • Fifty: when and how did you start running?
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Had a fun time running my first 8k!! Lol the hills in the last two miles sucked, but I was still able to come in 5th, so I’m happy! :) Plus, we figured out what’s wrong with my foot, so next time I’ll be running a whole lot faster!!


I’m so excited for my first conference meet this weekend!! I’m taking on Kenyans!!




Some rough concept pieces I created for a Nike pitch last year which sadly never came to fruition! In this line of work you often create things which end up never being used or seen by anybody! This was one of those cases.

Love it.



London 2012, In The Stadium



Jordan Hasay 

2014 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

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